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Beholden Beauty

Each character has the same background story: On their world, they had found themselves in a situation where they were about to die, or worse. Before the terrible event occurred, however, time stopped. A mysterious figure in robes offered a choice: go and work for the figure’s “employer” doing a variety of dangerous “missions” of unknown purpose; such “employment” to last for a year and a day. Or, instead, choose to accept the fate which was about to fall.

Some, given this choice, chose fate, and are thus not a part of this story. Others took the offer, and became part of an ever-shifting group sent to other worlds to collect items mundane and magical, stop petty tyrants, rescue random people, and other such seemingly unconnected tasks. All with some degree of peril, and all ending with the party teleported back to their “barracks”, where they would prepare for their next mission. Time was hard to measure, but things went on like this for what seemed to be a year.

Their last mission, though, has not gone according to plan. Usually the team would receive a briefing, get what equipment they felt they needed, and then would be teleported to the location of the mission. This time, though, the group found themselves in the world, with no idea how they got there. They helped some local people from an obvious threat, assuming that that was their mission. However, with the apparent mission complete, our heroes have not returned to the properties of their “mysterious employer”. Instead, they have remained.

It is here that our new story begins…

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